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Living and Learning Chinese in Beijing

If you’re a new arrival to Beijing, you’ve come to the right place to learn Mandarin Chinese. Beijing is the home of ‘standard putonghua’—Mandarin that is spoken with a phonology based on the Beijing dialect. However, Beijing is extremely diverse, with residents and visitors from all over China and the world, so you’ll hear a wide variety of accents spoken as you make your way through the landmarks, shops and streets of Beijing.

Mandarin House is the best choice for learning Chinese in Beijing. Our professional team of instructors is fully trained, and our custom-made curriculum uses methodologies specially designed to help you learn Mandarin effectively and quickly. Living in Beijing will be more enjoyable with improved Mandarin language skills, and here’s why.

Daily life in Beijing.
Living in Beijing guarantees a colourful experience everyday. From the hutongs (traditional residential alleyways), silk markets and duck restaurants to the bustling metro system and prestigious government buildings, you will have immersive learning opportunities at every turn. Beijingers are famously welcoming to foreigners and will eagerly engage you in conversation at the park or in the market, so take advantage of the chance to practice your newfound Mandarin skills with a friendly local. The more you’re able to communicate and integrate into the local scene, the happier you’ll feel about living in Beijing.

Historic landmarks in Beijing.
Experiencing all that the capital city has on offer wouldn’t be complete without visits to these famous and historic sites: Imperial Palaces, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and of course, the Great Wall. You’ll notice throughout your tours that Chinese characters appear wherever you go, giving more meaning to each location and to your overall experience. Mandarin House can help you learn the character strokes and how to create meaning from the written language. Living in Beijing will become more meaningful—and fun—when you gain a deeper understanding of the heritage and historic landmarks that surround you. Mandarin House is the key to unlocking the amazing world of history and culture that surrounds you.

Learning Chinese in Beijing.
Mandarin House Beijing offers a variety of professional Mandarin courses to help you reach your goals for learning Chinese in Beijing. If you’re living in Beijing with your family, check out the Junior Programs held after-school and during holiday breaks. During your own free time, consider enrolling in Intensive Chinese or a part time course to take your own Mandarin skills to the next level. For professional training, Business Chinese or HSK courses are excellent options. If you are living in Beijing, incredible opportunities for learning Chinese are on your doorstep. Say yes to learning Chinese in Beijing—say yes to Mandarin House!






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