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Learning Chinese in Mandarin House, Experiencing Customized Curriculums

Mandarin House is the ONLY school in China to have IALC’s quality recognized in this way. Established in 2004 and one of the first private Mandarin schools in China, we have helped over 20,000 foreign students from 70+ nationalities to speak Mandarin. Right in the city center, we are recognized by Hanban as a Registered HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Centre. Students do not have to worry about incompetent teachers which will have bad influence on them. All of our teacher are degree qualified, bilingual, comprehensively trained and have an average of 5,000 hours of Chinese teaching experience.
We have self-developed our teaching curriculum which is suitable for those who want to improve themselves by learning Chinese. This curriculum is regularly updated and revised, designed by our former best teachers and education department, and is in line with both HSK & European CEFR.
Moreover, programs are separated into 12 different levels to address each student at their exact level. Small group classes, private tutoring, business Chinese, HSK exam preparation, Chinese teacher training, internship and junior summer programs are all available.
Students will enjoy their time when learning in Mandarin House. They can share their opinion on Facebook, alumni networks and fun, cultural activities organised every week such as Chinese cooking, calligraphy, city tours, kung fu and much, much more. This kind of social media can also be a way to improve themselves. Students can choose their accommodation style according to their own situation, like homestay, private studio apartments and shared apartments. Sitting in the center of the metropolis, we provide you with a chance to take advantage of convenient facility of a big city to experience the culture, the atmosphere and the life. Unlike other teachers and professors, we will help you to settle in to China. We also give you a chance to further your Chinese outside the classroom!





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