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How to Learn Chinese Language

China's large population makes Mandarin the most spoken language on the planet, and more and more people begin to learning Chinese for academic/business purposes. Here are some top tips for how to learn Chinese language.

Mandarin is supposedly one of the most difficult languages in the world (After trying to master four tones and thousands of characters we’re beginning to believe it) but this is only partially true. Although some aspects of Chinese aren’t easy there’s a great compromise; the structure of Chinese grammar takes on the easy subject, verb, object form and there is no pesky verb tenses, genders or plural nouns to get in your way making it much easier to get the hang of than many Western languages.

…But do take your studies seriously.

Although you should acknowledge that learning Mandarin is more possible than you once thought don’t neglect your time in the classroom! Know what kind of learner you are and work to your strengths. Set learning goals for yourself and keep track of your progress. If you find that you’re having a hard time with one element of language you can focus your energy there next time and become a well-rounded student in no time.

Do what you like to do.

Of course learning Chinese language isn’t just about making sure that you spend time in front of a teacher. If you really like to do something then learning phrases about that activity will make your studies fun and practical. (Amazing right?) For instance if you love football then you can learn how to cheer for your team in your loudest hanyu, if you enjoy arts and crafts make sure you know how to tell the clerk which materials you need for your next project. In addition to providing with some helpful phrases you’ll also be on the right track to make friends with similar interests!

Have fun.

If you enjoy learning a language, your mind and efforts will be more focused and you'll learn much faster. If you learn Chinese at Mandarin House, you will be placed at your level in a group class with average 6 students. You will benefit from group class interaction, while getting personalised attention from the teacher. You will not learn quicker or better anywhere else!

If you want to konw more about how to learn Chinese language please apply for a course then complete our online registration.




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Wǒ de jiā    gōngyuán.
1、我的家   公园。
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