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Chinese Flash Cards by Mandarin House

Mandarin House Chinese flash cards teach you most common chinese words.

Mandarin House Chinese flash cards teach you 485 most commonly used words, as well as 15 everyday sentences you need to know.

- noun 248
- verb 78
- adjective 36
- numeral 29
- adverb 28
- measure word 21
- pronoun 17
- modal particle 9
- conjunction 8
- preposition 6
- auxiliary word 5
- phrases 15

Mandarin House mandarin flash cards include Chinese characters, pinyin, sample sentences, English translation and pictures to help you remember the words, create sentences and take part in games and activities at class.

This proven learning activity builds vocabulary, word recognition, memory and confidence.

The four-colour, engaging illustrations provide visual clues and the cards are durable for frequent handling.

Learn more about Mandarin House expertise in delivering world-beating results through devoted service and a passion for sharing Chinese language and culture.

We welcome you to study mandarin at our schools in Beijing or Shanghai and invite you to Apply today.






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Test Your Chinese
Wǒ de jiā    gōngyuán.
1、我的家   公园。
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