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Intensive Chinese Course 30
  Reading & Writing 10
你会读写中文吗? Can you read and write Chinese?
Characters are an essential part of Chinese culture and by learning them you get a deeper understanding of the language and in the long term helps you master Chinese faster as not only can you read Chinese magazines, maps, books etc., but your mind is able to make an extra association and stronger connections with words. Not only that, but it makes calligraphy and playing mahjong much easier!
Also, learning characters is essential if you are planning to enter a Chinese university or take the HSK exam.
Our Reading & Writing 10 Chinese course consists of 2 afternoon lessons every day in an interactive group class made up of students from across the globe to learn this ancient language format.
Course Benefits
- 2 group lessons a day from Monday to Friday
- 10 language lessons a week
- Learn reading and writing Chinese characters
- Small classes with average 6 students
- 45 minutes per lesson
- Minimum age 16 years old
- International student mix
- Flexible intake and start dates
Course Dates
Non-Beginners can join on any Monday.
Total Beginners Starting Dates in 2015:
19 Jan
23 Feb
23 Mar
20 Apr
18 May
15 Jun  
29 Jun
13 Jul
10 Aug
7 Sep
5 Oct
2 Nov
30 Nov
28 Dec
Sample Timetable
Reading and Writing Chinese
13:30 - 14:15
Comprehension review
14:15 - 15:00
Reading & Writing 10 Tuition Prices in RMB
Price/wk 2-4
Price/wk 5-8
Price/wk 9-12
Price/wk 13+
Summer Supplement/wk
If you have any questions concerning courses, locations, accommodation or payment, please email info@mandarinhouse.cn. If you want to register for a course, use the online registration
Test Your Chinese
Wǒ de jiā    gōngyuán.
1、我的家   公园。
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