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HSK Test Dates 2016 - Mandarin House HSK Test Center

China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized national test. It is an invaluable tool to improve career progression chance. Mandarin House offers preparation course for HSK test, from the intensive group class HSK 35, to private tutoring focusing on getting ready to achieve the best HSK results.

Register for the HSK test with Mandarin House HSK test center now!

TEL: Toll free in China: 400 633 5538 International: +86 21 62750779
Email: info@mandarinhouse.com

Mandarin House HSK Test Center Address:
12 Floor, Asia Mansion, 650 Hankou Road (Paper-based, Internet-based)
12F, 137 Xian Xia Road (Paper-based, Internet-based)

Suite 317, Tower 16, China Central Place, 89 Jianguo Road (Paper-based)

Suite 1403, Tower B, Zhongtai International Plaza, 161 West Linhe Road


Upcoming 2016 HSK Test Dates:

2016 HSK Test


2016 HSK Test Dates

Deadline for Registration

Date of Results Announced





9th Jan. 13th Dec. 2015 30st Dec. 2015 16th Feb. 25th Jan.
21th Feb. 25th Jan. 11nd Feb. 21th Mar. 7th Mar.
5th Mar.   24th Feb.   21th Mar.
20th Mar. 22th Feb. 10th Mar. 20th Apr. 4th Apr.
16th Apr. 20nd Mar. 6th Apr. 16th May. 2nd May.
7th May.   27th Apr.   23th May.
21th May. 24th Apr. 11th May. 21th Jun. 6th Jun.
12th Jun. 16th May. 2nd Jun. 12th Jul. 27th Jun.
16th Jul. 19nd Jun. 6rd Jul. 16th Aug. 1st Aug.
13th Aug. 17th Jul. 3th Aug. 13th Sep. 29th Aug.
11th Sep. 15th Aug. 1st Sep. 11th Oct. 26th Sep.
16th Oct. 19th Sep. 6th Oct. 16th Nov. 31th Oct.
29th Oct.   19th Oct.   14th Nov.
12th Nov. 16th Oct. 2nd Nov. 12th Dec. 28th Nov.
27th Nov.   17th Nov.   12th Dec.
4th Dec. 7th Nov. 24th Nov . 4th Jan. 2016 19th Dec.





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