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Beijing Chinese Courses

Chinese Courses in Guangzhou

Intensive Chinese Course 30
Mandarin House “Innovative” Chinese Course includes six group lessons a day allowing you to make the most of your time. Available at five main levels, each divided further into sub-levels to make sure you're placed exactly where you should be.
You will improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, the fundamental four bricks needed to build a strong foundation for language.
Combined Chinese Course 35
The most intensive course combining the best of everything: six group lessons a day allow you to focus on practical Chinese and Chinese characters and then you can add one private lesson for review and extra practice.
Long Duration, Semester & Year Course
If you want to learn Chinese in all its aspects and create opportunities for your career development, and/or prepare for university study in China, the Mandarin House Long Duration, Semester & Year Course is your best pick.
This course consists of 30 group lessons a week; 4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The morning lessons focus on practical Chinese: listening and speaking. In the afternoon you have the chance to learn to read and write Chinese characters while strengthening your conversational skills.
Standard Chinese Course 20
Mandarin House "Star" Chinese Course will lead you to achieve rapid progress in your Chinese by focusing on practical language skills of speaking, listening and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation. Classes meet for four group lessons a day, which gives you spare time for self-study.
Combined Chinese Course 25
Four group lessons in the morning allow you to focus on practical Chinese skills. You can then add one private lesson to learn about any other areas of interest you might have such as business Chinese or Chinese culture and history.
Executive Private Tutoring Courses
You will meet with a private tutor who focuses on your needs. Having lessons on your preferred timetable means you'll be able to work around your busy schedule. It's also possible to have a private teacher meet your group of friends and colleagues.
Part Time Chinese
Evening or Weekend Chinese course for those students with a busy life and work schedule. Classes focus on practical language skills with listening. Speaking and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation and chinese cultural for life and business.
Work Experience Program
Develop and enhance your Chinese skills in a working environment. This program is designed to combine a Chinese language course with on-the-job exposure for professional practices. It is also a great way to learn about China’s unique company culture.
Summer Programs for Juniors & Teens
An ideal choice for young people! You will have 25 lessons per week and participate in cultural workshops, social activities and excursions to interesting local sites.
If you have any questions concerning courses, locations, accommodation or payment, please email info@mandarinhouse.cn. If you want to register for a course, use the online registration
Test Your Chinese
Wǒ de jiā    gōngyuán.
1、我的家   公园。


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