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South America

Name: Gabriel Barreto
Duration: August 3 to December 4
Languages spoken: Portuguese, English
Hobbies: Music, Football, Watching Xiaoxin, Sleeping, Studying Chinese

Our Community
Q: What program did you enroll in? Has the program been what you expected?
A: My course was Intensive 30 for 18weeks. The program supposed my expectation. I believe I learned a lot and still want to learn more and more back next year!
Q: What do you find most interesting about Beijing?
Beijing is a great city. It's the capital of the most important country in the world, so expect something really big It's huge, modern and powerful and really cold in Beijing!
The ancient places are astonishing and hopefully they won't soon be swallowed by the development of this massive city.
Q: Tell us a few of your most memorable experiences in China so far?
A: Seeing the Great Wall, going on KTV with friends and teachers, going for dinner with friends, trying my Chinese around, learning Beijinghua, singing Chinese songs, fighting Chinese football players, laughing out in restaurant(3 kuaiqian jiuba), seeing ranks and jets on the 60 th anniversary, playing in Beijing , making dumpling, playing majiang, trying baijiu, going to Xi'an, Shanghai, HK, Guilin, Qingdao , Zhuhai, Shijiazhuang eating Chinese food, teaching Portuguese, watching Chinese cartoon, learning Chinese idioms and character
Q: What advice/tips would you give to future students who plan to study in China?
A: It's a good experience. Chinese is a unique language and the only way to learn it is coming to here and seeing how really it is spoken. The school also offers a lot for the students. There is always something to see, somewhere to go!
Name: Leonardo Scarpelli
Duration: March 9 to April 3, 2009
Profession: Business Man
Hobbies: Read, play football, travel
Our Community
Q: Is this your first time in China?
A: Yes.
Q: How are you finding your studies in China?
A: My studies in China was very, very good. Live the experience of language in daily situations at China combined with the classes in school, in my opinion is the best way to learn Chinese.

Q: Has the program been as you expected?
A: The program was more than I expected. The teachers are very prepared and experienced, the books and materials are easy to understand, the classrooms and school facilities are spectacular, school employees are very pleasantness. All together helps the students to study smoothly.

Q: What do you find most interesting about Shanghai?
The hole city of Shanghai . In Shanghai there are lots of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, you can find a spectacular entertainment places. A very modern big city, safe and the people are very friendly.

Q: Tell us a few memorable experiences in China?
A: A memorable experience in China was a great dinner with Chinese friends at 87 th floor of Jin Mao Tower with a spectacular view of Pudong. Really beautiful !
Other memorable experience was live a routine in Shanghai, I mean, wake up, eat baozi at breakfast, take the metro and study, all of this, together, was sensational for me.

Q: What advice/tips would you give to others who plan to come and study in China?
A:  •  Don′t even think twice, go to Mandarin House and study;
     •  Don′t be afraid or shame to speak Chinese with
        Chinese people;
     • Do the course seriously, your time at school have to be concentrated in learning Chinese, so talk to people, study at home, pay attention at classes, ask everything you have doubts for teachers and if its possible, have some private classes.
Name: Rodolfo Cavalcanti
Duration: Jul 27 to Aug 23, 2008
: Systems Analyst
roller skates, bicycle, guitar, movies
Our Community
Q: How are you finding your studies in China?
A: It was wonderful!!! I liked it very much, especially the people that I met at Mandarin House. At all times the teachers, employees and students were kind, friendly and willing to help me in my studies. My class was also amazing. Dominic from Australia , Serge from Congo, Marie-Christine from France and, of course, our teacher Zhang Ye gave me memorable moments and made my studies less difficult. I will miss everyone.
Q: What do you find most interesting about Beijing?
A: Beijing is a big city! There are many people here and this moment is so important to them. I visited some beautiful and big places like Houhai, Beihai Park , as well as interesting places like Temple of Heaven , Qianmen and The Great Wall.

Q: What advice/tips would you give to others who plan to come and study in China?
A: I think that the best way to come and study here is to lodge with a host family. My host family was very nice. All time they worried about me and asked me what I would like to eat, where I would like to go, or if I needed any help with my studies. It was a big opportunity to practice what I had learnt in the classroom.
If you plan to learn Chinese or any other language or thing don't give up! There are many ways to do the same thing. So, if you are unable to take one path, try another. Usually simple actions are enough to fix many problems, like say hello to everyone, for example. In Chinese it is very simple: Ni hao! But means more: "Hello, are you ok! Are you happy today?".

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