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Beijing summer language camps,Best summer camps in Beijing
   Summer Language Camps in Beijing
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The best summer camps in Beijing provide a wonderful opportunity for kids and teens from 7 to 16 years old to learn Chinese,
experience traditional and modern Beijing, make international friends and have the summer of a lifetime!
China summer language camps,Best summer camps in China
Summer Camp Location in Beijing
Beijing summer language camps,Best summer camps in Beijing
Our Beijing summer camp is located right in the city center at China Central Place, where you'll find lush green parks, Beijing's best shops and cafs and restaurants. It boasts easy access to many famous tourist sites, thanks to its proximity to the subway station Xi Da Wang Lu.
Beijing Summer Camp Staff
Beijing summer language camps,Best summer camps in Beijing
Mandarin House selects dedicated full-time employees and teachers to form the summer camp staff team. Most of them have year after year experience and they are all united by one goal: to make your childs summer the most enjoyable possible!
Beijing Summer Language Course
Beijing summer language camps,Best summer camps in Beijing
Experienced teachers use a teaching method that combines all aspects and skills of language such as grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, reading, conversation and writing in an interactive way that makes Chinese learning productive and interesting for your child.                  Weekly Sample Schedule
Activities, Sports & Trips
Beijing summer language camps,Best summer camps in Beijing
Learning Chinese and then practicing in its native environment increases the speed and quality of learning. At Mandarin House Beijing Summer Camp, your Chinese lessons are complemented by cultural workshops, projects, sports, trips and excursions like Chinese Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Excursion to the Great Wall, Excursion to the Forbidden City...
Summer Camp Accommodation
Comfortable Homestay
Beijing summer language camps,Best summer camps in Beijing
A wonderful opportunity to get a first-hand account of the culture and to practice Chinese in a natural environment. You will make your own way to the school taking approximately 35 minutes by public transit.
Convenient Residential Accommodation
China summer language camps,Best summer camps in China
Convenient accommodation located within twenty minutes to the school by public transportation or walk. The neighborhood is full of convenience stores and restaurants. The apartments are furnished and well-equipped. 2 or 3 students of similar age and of the same gender share a room. Mandarin House monitors remain with the residence camp groups during evenings and weekend ensuring 'safety first and safety always'.
If you have any questions concerning courses, locations, accommodation or payment, please email info@mandarinhouse.cn. If you want to register for a course, use the online registration
Test Your Chinese
Wǒ de jiā    gōngyuán.
1、我的家   公园。
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