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Guangzhou Social Activities

Social Activities in Guangzhou

Using a language in its natural environment and studying in the native country where the language is spoken immeasurably increases the speed and quality of learning. Mandarin House Guangzhou Chinese School is dedicated to take our students out of the classroom to participate in excursions and cultural activities. Our experienced coordinators will guide you to places where are exciting, modern, traditional, interesting, so that you can fully understand the unique character of the region that surrounds you.
Discover Guangzhou with Mandarin House
Excursions to Scenic Sites
Visit the ancient Shipai Village, the Guangdong Museum, Central Library and Opera House or take a trip on the Pearl River. Discover ancient and modern Guangzhou living in harmony.   Beijing Social Activities
Chinese Martial Arts: Tai Chi and Kung Fu
Beijing Social Activities   Martial Arts are a great way to exercise as well as get to know the Chinese culture. Tai Chi consists of gentle movements, which let you relax through concentration and improve your balance and flexibility. Kung Fu teaches you form, fighting, self-defense, sparring and respect.
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese character writing becomes fun and exciting with our Chinese Calligraphy Class. You will learn from an experienced tutor to write with brush and Chinese ink. Get a real feel for Chinese Characters!   Beijing Social Activities
Culture and History Workshops
Chinese language, culture and history go hand in hand. Interesting and thoughtful topics will be discusses to let you learn more about China . Chinese has a 5,000 year long culture and history so there are many aspects and stories which can be covered: from cooking classes to history lectures and from playing Mahjong to hot topic introductions.   Beijing Social Activities
Feel the City: Guangzhou on Foot
Beijing Social Activities   The cultural and economic capital of South China, Guangzhou has been blessed with affluence and a rich heritage. Be introduced through a walking tour to the local neighbourhood consisting of glistening skyscrapers and old streets to discover Guangzhou and all its sights and experiences.
If you have any questions concerning courses, locations, accommodation or payment, please email info@mandarinhouse.cn. If you want to register for a course, use the online registration
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